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What You Need to Know About Your Passport Photo Tel Aviv

Israeli citizens need an up-to-date passport whenever they travel, which is very often given that over 500,000 citizens currently live outside the country. There are strict requirements for new or renewal applications, and the photo is among the most important. When getting ready for the next time you’re traveling, be sure to get a professional passport photo Tel Aviv residents can count on.

The Requirements for Your Passport Photo Tel Aviv

You can’t just take any photo you’d like and use that for your passport application. There are very specific requirements governing your image, and the authorities will reject it if you don’t meet them. This will mean additional processing time that could see you miss your trip if you haven’t planned carefully.

There are some specific size requirements regarding the width, height, and resolution, but that’s nothing you need to worry about if you go with photo printing Tel Aviv trusts for professional results. The width must be 35mm and the height 45mm. You also need to be sure that your face takes up at least 32mm of that height.

Your posture is also an important factor. You aren’t taking a snapshot for fun, so there’s no goofing around allowed. No three-quarter profile or dramatic lighting. Your picture needs to clearly show you head-on without any obstruction. That means you’ll have to face straight ahead and appear under even lighting. Hats and other head coverings are also a no-go unless you have a religious exemption.

You’ll also need to make sure you’re in front of a suitable background. This should be a light color, generally white or off-white. This is no problem if you’re going with a professional passport photo Tel Aviv residents use all the time, as they’ll have a specific setup just for passport photos with a suitable background.

Some Reasons Israeli Passport Photos Are Rejected

Rejections do happen all the time, mostly coming from individuals who decided they’d just snap a quick picture themselves rather than just going with the fast and convenient photo printing Tel Aviv residents typically rely on.

There are some specific reasons why they are most often rejected. The biggest is smiling, which is the natural response of most people having their picture taken. Any smile at all isn’t allowed, and you’ll need a more neutral expression. A tilted head is another issue. You should be standing straight up and looking straight forward for your photo.

There are also some other requirements about the quality of the photo that the photographer will have to be concerned with. The image must be clear and in focus so that you can be clearly identified, which is the purpose of the passport, after all. They’ll also be careful to avoid red-eye, which can result from a camera’s flash and cause your photo to be rejected.

The best way to avoid rejection is to go with professionals who know what they’re doing. For a quality passport photo Tel Aviv residents can count on to be accepted, you can go with Zilum Chen. We provide both passport photos and other photo printing services, so stop by today!